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“We had long identified that some of our lighting was less than adequate and engaged several lighting suppliers to plan and resolve the issue. It was only when Waveguide Lighting came to us that our understanding of what we really needed became apparent. The quality of advice and flexibility of service was a step above any of the competition and now that the installation is complete, it has transformed our production environment. It has rectified the problem areas and dramatically improved all other areas, resulting in a positive effect throughout all areas of our business. With the added bonus of seeing month on month electricity savings I have no hesitation in recommending Waveguide Lighting for any business looking to improve productivity..”

- Sean Taylor, Operations Director, Future Advanced Manufacture -

“We are delighted with WaveGuide’s lighting scheme and the wealth of benefits that Waveguide’s Lighting’s new fittings have delivered for our data centre client. At CBRE Norland Managed Services we pride ourselves on providing a full suite of facilities, energy and project management services. Norland’s strategy to deliver exceptional service to our customers is hugely dependent on the capability and delivery of our supply partners. “WaveGuide Lighting Technologies and Waveguide Lighting Ltd share our passion for quality and service, which are essential values when meeting the demands of a business-critical 24 hour/day data centre operation.”

- Darren Rennie, CBRE Norland Managed Services -

“Often no-one manufacturers the luminaire we want. We’re always finding that there are areas that don’t seem to be covered by the main manufacturers. For example, when we did our car parks we struggled to find a true retrofit replacement for a Low Bay application and we struggled with the flexibility of some of the major manufacturers. As a result we ended up working with local manufacturer Waveguide Lighting as they offered us a bespoke solution. For those niche areas where we struggled, we’ve been quite lucky in that we can now work closely with Waveguide Lighting. They have become an invaluable design outfit that can fill all the important gaps for us.”

- Andy Sheridan, Services Facilities Manager at Manchester Airport -

“With the new lighting system we have made significant savings to our energy bills. This new lighting system from Waveguide has really made a difference to patients too. It has created a much better atmosphere for our patients and staff. Even light and less flicker is a huge improvement for those patients with sight problems. It is vital lighting units are designed to minimise hospital infection and the maintenance free aspect assists us in delivering better maintenance services with faster reaction times to the whole hospital.“

- Moses Warburton, re-development manager of North Devon Hospital’s Trust -

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About us

Waveguide Lighting is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high performance LED luminaires utilising patented technology to deliver a class leading solution. Our solutions can be found in many different applications such as medical, transportation, sport, road, tunnel, cityscape, office, education, IT or industry.

Formerly MHA Lighting, the business resides within the Lumenox Group of companies, a group specialising in the design, manufacture and certification of specialist luminaires and lighting systems for use in explosion risk areas. We have many years of experience in providing lighting solutions and leveraging our research and development facilities at Lumenox, we actively work to combine the latest light source technology with our specialist optical and luminaire design expertise.


The Company is assessed to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, which is the customer’s assurance that Waveguide luminaires are subject to the most stringent quality control. Certification to BS EN ISO 14001:2004 reassures the customer that products are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly manner. We are also members of the Lighting Industry Association.


We have always believed in the virtues of ‘MADE IN BRITAIN’ and continue to invest in developing and manufacturing product at our Midlands HQ, just by Birmingham Airport.



What makes us unique

We are using a unique technology. Our revolutionary Waveguide lighting technology is unique. We shine the light sideways into a solid, cast acrylic rod and reflect it out. There is no secondary optic, eliminating one of the biggest causes of dissatisfaction with current LED products – our simple approach delivers significant benefits.

Human-Centric Benefits

Superior colour definition and CRI

Zero colour distortion regardless of beam angle

Precise placement of light eliminating unwanted spill

Significantly reduced UGR

Very low flicker (3%)

Efficiency and Reliability

This design also allows the LED to be driven at significantly lower drive currents than traditional LED fixtures, some of the benefits of which are:

Extremely effective lumen output and efficacy

Reduced heat

Significantly increased longevity and reliability

The result of under-running the LED’s capacity (<10%) and running the driver at optimal performance (96%), flicker in Waveguide Lighting is just 3% compared with >20% on most current LED fixtures.

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